Case Study: Coggno and Total Outsourced Systems (TOS) - Streamlining Corporate Training Across Industries

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Boosting Profits, Cutting Costs: Coggno's Customized Training Solutions Propel TOS Sales by 30% and Slash Training Expenses by 40%


increase in productivity


decrease in project delays


increase in sales


Satisfaction rate


increase in compliance rates

Problem Statement

Total Outsourced Systems (TOS), a company offering outsourced services across a multitude of sectors, including retail, healthcare, consumer electronics, consumer packaged goods, hospitality, and financial sectors, faced a significant challenge in delivering effective, role-specific, and task-based training to their diverse departments.

The traditional training methods were time-consuming, lacked flexibility, and could not keep up with the dynamic needs of the various projects and roles within TOS. This resulted in decreased productivity, missed project timelines, and an overall decline in service quality.


TOS approached Coggno's Learning Management System (LMS) to address this challenge. Coggno's LMS, known for its convenience and ease of use, provided an effective platform for delivering in-house corporate training to TOS employees.

The online environment and 24/7 access allowed TOS to deliver focused training to their various departments, keeping people and their relevant projects on track and on time.


The implementation of Coggno's Learning Management System (LMS) within Total Outsourced Systems (TOS) was a strategic and systematic process. Digitizing and structuring the content to fit the online learning format and then customized to cater to the specific needs of each department, ensuring that the training was role-specific and task-based.


Increase in Productivity:
There was a 60% increase in productivity as employees could access role-specific training at their convenience, leading to a better understanding and application of their tasks.
Decrease in Project Delays
Using Coggno's LMS resulted in a 50% decrease in project delays, as employees were better trained and equipped to handle their tasks efficiently.
Increase in Sales
With better-trained employees, TOS saw a 30% increase in sales as service quality improved.
Increase in User Satisfaction
TOS employees reported a 90% satisfaction rate with the Coggno LMS, citing its ease of use and accessibility.

Results and Impact

With the ability to provide industry-specific training, TOS saw a 70% increase in compliance rates across their various sectors. This not only improved their operational efficiency but also enhanced their reputation for regulatory adherence, which is crucial in their industry.


By moving to an online platform, TOS saw a 40% decrease in training costs, contributing to their overall financial efficiency and sustainability.


Coggno's LMS has proven to be an effective solution for TOS's diverse and industry-specific training needs. The significant improvements in productivity, project timelines, sales, user satisfaction, and compliance rates demonstrate the power of Coggno's LMS in transforming corporate training.
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