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Frequently Asked Questions

Our list of Frequently Asked Questions is here to get you the answers you need! We created the Coggno Learning Management System to help you train your learners with ease and confidence. In the FAQ, you’ll find answers to everything from our security procedures to ensure your information is safe to branding the site specifically for your company and everything in-between that makes our LMS a user-friendly platform. Let’s get your learners the training they need to meet regulations and make them safer, more productive, and conscientious employees!

Yes, our site is secured with SSL. Sensitive data like passwords are stored in encrypted format in our database. User's access to data are determined by user roles, user unique key value determined by the system and their LMS memberships only. Access to servers are very much limited to authorized persons only. Data are backed up regularly.

Most courses provide a “Certificate of Completion”, which is set up by the content creator of the course material and is printable. The certificates are automatically emailed to the users after they successfully complete the course.

The system also offers the ability to attach custom certificates to courses. This allows you to brand the certificates with your company’s logo or change other variables on the certificate.

Yes! You can add your company logo and colors to the site and have your company name in the url.

You can have a survey added to the site where either the users submit the data or you can provide it to be uploaded. These survey answers will be added to group reports for your convenience. Common information collected in surveys are things like employee number/manager/location/date hired, etc.

Absolutely! Coggno LMS provides administrators and group managers with effective communication tools. The system can send out welcome emails upon importing or creating users that will include your url and their login information. You can add a custom message to the welcome emails. Admins can alsoij send direct messages to individuals or groups of users. You can also use the Calendar feature to send out automated reminders for up-coming trainings and it will remind learners that haven’t completed a course before its due date.

No problem! The system provides the option to NOT send notifications if you prefer. Just check the box by DO NOT SEND MESSAGE.

You can create as many groups as needed. It is a good practice to group individuals by their specific training needs and then distribute the appropriate trainings to the entire group. Users may be in multiple groups for ease of training. The system also allows for training distribution to individuals within a group.

The system allows you to provide different levels of access for users. You can add users as LMS administrators with full rights like yourself or you can select people within different groups to be administrators to just those chosen groups. They will have similar functionalities to an lms admin but only within the selected groups.You also can designate someone as an editor if they need the ability to upload your own trainings but not access the learners and their information.

Watching a webinar is simply like watching a video. Online training, however, is interactive, self-paced and user-driven, keeping the learner actively engaged. Most online courses teach the learner through a combination of video, voiceover, and PowerPoint, measuring the learner’s comprehension of the course material through periodic knowledge checks.

Generally, courses are available for multiple views between one and two years.

The courses vary in length. Some can be completed within 30 minutes and others take 8 or more hours to complete. You can view course specifics by clicking on an individual course title within our Marketplace.

Each course varies, but some courses do have course material to download.

For the past several years and thru today, Coggno has been making partnerships with experts in the fields of HR/Compliance, Safety, Business Management, Software, Social Media and more. These experts fill the Coggno marketplace with quality content, which we then make available to you through our syndication partners. We welcome your feedback on courses by clicking on an individual course title within our Marketplace and selecting “Reviews.”

Online training courses are produced to train individual learners and to show that they comprehend the material by successfully completing a series of quizzes. Many courses serve to comply with various state and federal regulations and/or guidelines, and as such, employers should measure the risk or liability of not training their employees individually.

Courses can be distributed directly to your employees via Coggno’s Learning Kiosk or Learning Management System. Either way, employers have the ability to monitor, track, and report on their employees training in real-time. Click here to learn more about the LMS and Training Place / Kiosk.

Many licensed professions require CEU’s for the professional to maintain his/her license. There are several courses available with CEU’s/CEC’s that cover Real Estate, Dentistry, and Nursing.