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Linda L. Cantrell CAP-OM, Squared Construction LLC

Squared Construction LLC
Squared Construction LLC

“I would like to nominate Gena for the Blue Ribbon Service Award. She has always been very kind, patient, helpful, professional, and informative. She always is prompt in getting back to me and patiently helps me with whatever I am trying to accomplish. Never once has she made me feel like I was a bother to her. It is few and far between to find individuals who are always willing to help bail you out. It is a great help to me to know if I need help I can count on her for assistance. And trust me I am sure I am a royal pain to her.

Please give Gena recognition for all she does. She is what I refer to as a “keeper.”

Thank you for taking the time to read this and acknowledge her professionalism and hard work.”

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