A Call for Conflict Resolution Learning Systems


A Call for Conflict Resolution Learning Systems

Coggno Inc. | Dec, 11 2008

A Call for Conflict Resolution Learning SystemsOne study by G.H. Varney reported that conflict remained the number-one problem for most teams operating within a large energy company, even after repeated training sessions on how to resolve conflict and how to minimize the negative impact on team members. Despite their experience in a conflict resolution learning system, many managers don’t seem to give the issue enough attention.  With this in mind, it’s important for team members to be possess the skills to resolve conflict among themselves.

Conflict resolution skills, like communication skills, are just those–skills. As such, they should be taught early on in children’s learning systems. In my opinion, both communication and conflict resolution should be skills taught as school learning systems like home economics or gym, as children make their way into adulthood. As we get older, conflicts may become more complex, but the same set of communication skills is able to carry us through.


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