A Cognitive Approach to Learning Content Delivery, Pt. 2


A Cognitive Approach to Learning Content Delivery, Pt. 2

Coggno Inc. | Sep, 19 2008

A Cognitive Approach to Learning Content Delivery, Pt. 2To expand on Michael Mayer’s cognitive approach to multimedia learning content delivery, we will look closer at his three fundamental assumptions.

First, that of the dual processing channels in our brains, for visual and auditory learning content.

According to Mayer, learning content enters our information processing system through the visual or the auditory channel, but not both. This is called the input stage. Subsequently, the learning content is processed in working memory, separately but concurrently. The working memory is where relevant visual images and sounds are selected and organized. Eventually, the learning content from both of the processing channels becomes integrated and linked to the information already held in the brain’s long term memory region.

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