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A Cognitive Approach to Learning Content Delivery, Pt. 4


A Cognitive Approach to Learning Content Delivery, Pt. 4

Coggno Inc. | Sep, 19 2008

 A Cognitive Approach to Learning Content Delivery, Pt. 4The third and last fundamental assumption of Michael Mayer’s cognitive approach to learning content delivery is that of active processing. To produce coherent conceptual representation of our experiences, we have to actively engage in cognitive processing. This means that, instead of passively gathering information, our brains are continually choosing, organizing, and then integrating learning content with the use of past knowledge.

Active learning happens when cognitive processes are applied to incoming learning content. What results of this process is the fabrication of a conceptual model of the information presented to us.

There are three processes imperative for active learning; these are the selecting of relevant learning content, the organizing of this chosen information, and then the integration of this material into structures of already existing knowledge. These processes occur within our limited working memory.

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