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Benefits of the Social-Emotional Learning System, Pt. 3


Benefits of the Social-Emotional Learning System, Pt. 3

Coggno Inc. | Sep, 2 2008

The methodology of this learning system differentiates itself from the traditional in that, apart from assigned readings and lectures, in group assignments, students will receive a grade based on teamwork as well as an individual one and on what is turned in.

Cooperation and empathy are cornerstones of this learning system that, once students enter the real world, turn out to be even more valuable skills. No matter how good you are at something, maybe your work in particular, if you cannot get along with the people around you, including your coworkers, you will never be successful, and possibly not happy either.

The social-emotional learning system, then, grants learners key competitive advantages over learners who have only been exposed to regular systems; advantages that will last through a lifetime.

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