Beyond Individualist Learning Systems


Beyond Individualist Learning Systems

Beyond Individualist Learning SystemsIndividualism is part of our cultural heritage, and is deeply ingrained in our learning systems. Whereas the rest of the world’s students wear uniforms to school, American students wear their freedom of expression to school, dressing in almost whatever they like. Social as well as academic competition is fierce, and students rarely work in teams outside the sport or music learning system departments. So it’s no surprise that when these students graduate and get jobs, they’re ill-equipped to work in a team setting.

Since many people complete their academic career without having developed collaborative skills, teamwork is something that needs to be taught in the workplace setting.  Teamwork refers to a set of skills, and like all skills, it must be taught and practiced and cultivated. Implementing a learning system to foster team-building capabilities becomes essential for team success.

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Free LMS 101: Concepts, Trends, Applications

Learn how to treat your employees well, provide them with opportunities to advance themselves, encourage social behaviors, and empower and support your managers all with learning management systems. BP_Guide-1-1

In this Ebook, we cover:

  1. Keeping Teams Engaged and Happy

  2. The Latest Subjects, Added Quickly

  3. Upskilling and Reskilling Makes Employees Stick Around

  4. Make Learning a Game Whenever Possible

  5. Community Learning Increases Learning Time 30X

  6. Making Online Learning More Interesting & Personal

  7. Managers As the Keys - Using LMS to Help the Whole Team Succeed

  8. Trends and Application in LMS Differ By Age

  9. LMS Training Making Business More Resilient

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