How Does Online Training Fit Into Occupational Training?


How Does Online Training Fit Into Occupational Training?

Coggno Inc. | Nov, 30 2009

Occupational training is used to educate or re-skill employees with the necessary expertise which is required for their day-to-day jobs. With most people working, online safety training has had an influence on occupational training and uses different forms of educational programs. Using web based training to deliver occupational training can avoid conflicts with schedules and provide employees with flexible learning environments.

With the availability of different learning platforms, employees can have real time classes in a virtual environment. This type of online training provides an interactive learning medium. Though majority of the courses are packaged for self paced learning and provide flexible learning environments.

In the discipline of occupational health psychology (OHP), employees need to focus on well-being, performance and prevent ill-health. To provide education in a flexible learning environment for employees/workers from different geographies and meet the demand for qualified occupational health psychologists, online training was considered to be an effective solution. The Kansas State University (USA) and University of Nottingham (UK) deployed the e-learning for OHP program using a blended learning approach.

Another concern that organizations face is training manual laborers and providing them with education on the latest machinery, operational and safety regulations. In such situation, online training can provide a solution since the gamut of training required to meet regulations are quite exhaustive.

Training in an online environment can range from emergency response, Flammable Liquid Safety, Forklift Operator Training, Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response Refresher, etc. The hours spent in training affect productivity and do not guarantee up to date tutorials. When the training offered in traditional methods is converted into online training, the information available in the e-learning packages is the latest.

For instance online occupational training on HAZWOPER regulations is useful for workers that handle hazardous waste, response in emergency, working with heavy machinery etc. This equips works with the skills and knowledge to keep a safe working environment. Organizations invest in such trainings to ensure that the environment is safe but suffer due to lack of in-depth knowledge. To avoid this, online training resolves this problem by developing course materials by experts in the field and making regular updates.

Another industry that requires employees to have up to date skills and knowledge is health care. Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) require employees to undergo mandatory awareness training. This ensures that they are aware of the latest security training courses and health & safety courses. To meet such a large audience, traditional training can be a huge activity and a constant need to keep employees updated. When this training is converted online training, it can be made available to the audience in an interactive format. With intuitive e-learning environments, these professionals will have flexibility with schedules, immediate feedback, and better retention with exposure to the latest information.

Training employees in different occupations about various safety regulations means that the learning delivered needs to be focused to the particular industry. There are institutes that develop specialized courses for organizations that are required for each occupation. In fact, there are online training programs available for professionals to learn about environment regulations, employments laws, and other important procedures.

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