Inclusion or Omission of Learning Content


Inclusion or Omission of Learning Content

Coggno Inc. | Oct, 6 2008

Inclusion or Omission of Learning ContentIn what way is learning content about world events altered depending on their source? How do news companies and journalists allow their opinions to creep into and shape their news items? There are many ways it happens.

One is through selection and omission of details–what the editor chooses to include or ignore in a news item. The omission of some details and focus on others subtly shapes the readers’ or viewers’ perspectives. For example, a journalist covers a story about scientific learning content in schools. He or she has quotes from parents upset about the school board’s choice of learning content, and quotes from a school official defending the decision they’ve made. Whose quotes will be included and whose won’t be? The journalist has the power to decide whose voices will be printed.

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