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Top E-Learning Providers Seek LMS to Host Training Content


Top E-Learning Providers Seek LMS to Host Training Content

Coggno Inc. | Sep, 30 2009

At a time when companies are making strategic moves to stay ahead of the game, many are redefining and redesigning their training needs and methods. Training is increasingly being delivered online, and for many companies e-learning platforms like Coggno’s learning management system might be the answer. So what makes Coggno unique?

Its easy-to-use and innovative course creation tools combined with a simple and efficient pay-per-use model make it the ideal spot for many leading e-learning providers to create, showcase, and deliver their training courses. SilkWeb Consulting and Development LLC is one example of many top e-learning providers whose courseware is hosted on Coggno’s marketplace.

Recently SilkWeb Consulting and Development LLC has released several new courses, all aiding companies in their fulfillment of training and compliance needs, and all available through the Coggno marketplace.

SilkWeb’s new courses cover several topics of increasing importance in the business world today: Team Dynamics, Project Management, Business Writing, Creating a Professional Resume, Writing Reports, Motivation in the Workplace, and Communication in the Workplace.

As more organizations grow beyond their home locations to reach across state and national lines, the strength of both inter-office and international team dynamics is crucial. Successful teams and collaborative groups within an organization can determine whether or not an organization is destined to grow and compete. For this reason, organizations that encourage and/or require collaboration between employees would benefit from teamwork training such as SilkWeb’s Team Dynamics, a course that covers the  stages of group development, communication, and conflict.

While most managers will claim to understand that motivation of staff is a critical element of managerial duties, many do not actually practice effective motivation, and are in fact clueless as to what kinds of strategies, techniques, and theories factor in. What kinds of motivation strategies actually work? This course Motivation in the Workplace reviews several popular motivational theories and methods for managerial success.

Another course, Project Management, helps organizations remain competitive and relevant in a time of perpetual change. It reviews project management processes, project and team cycles, and evaluation and improvement techniques. The objective of this program is to orient both staff and managers to the functions and tools needed for successful management.

Business Writing is a SilkWeb course that is also designed for both managers and staff, and which reviews styles, tones, bias, strategies, and uses of technology in business communication. And Creating a Professional Resume teaches users how to write a powerful and effective resume, based on one’s professional skills and abilities. The course Writing Reports trains users in the development of formal reports in the business environment.

Finally, Communication in the Workplace focuses on the role and different types of communication in the workplace, including communication strategies and tone, to improve the effectiveness of participant communication. Language training can help both managers and staff become better communicators, and achieve organizational goals together.

Successful compliance and management training is proven to save organizations a significant amount of time and money. And when companies adopt e-learning solutions through a pay-per-use LMS such as Coggno, the costs of training itself are significantly less than those of commercial LMS licenses and traditional training methods. For this reason and others, more organizations are finding online training solutions to meet compliance and management training objectives.


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