Learning Content in School Districts


Learning Content in School Districts

Coggno Inc. | Sep, 24 2008

Learning Content in School DistrictsWho actually determines the learning content of public schools in the U.S.? Generally speaking, school standards and learning content are controlled by state and local authorities, and to a small extent, by parents. There are about 15,000 school district governments in the U.S., each serving one or more towns. The school board makes legislative decisions that include school learning content as well as other important issues. Due to this vast system of local control, schools and their communities are inextricably linked. 

Why doesn’t the federal government get involved? Though the Constitution gives most of the power to the states in regard to education, the federal government also plays a large part. Each year the Department of Education spends billions of dollars on education programs, which influence learning content throughout the country.

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