Pedagogical Perspectives in LMS Courses: 5) Laurillard’s Conversational Model


Pedagogical Perspectives in LMS Courses: 5) Laurillard’s Conversational Model

Coggno Inc. | Sep, 15 2008

Pedagogical Perspectives in LMS Courses: 2) Laurillard's Conversational ModelOne pedagogical approach in designing courses using an LMS is Laurillard’s Conversational Model. Laurillard’s model outlines the five different media forms in an LMS-based course: narrative, interactive, communicative, adaptive, and productive.

Narrative media show the learner something; technological examples include printed text and videos. Interactive media respond to the learner’s actions, helping the learner to investigate and explore. Two examples are search engines and multiple choice tests. Communicative media aid exchanges between people, and include discussion forums, seminars and online conferences. Adaptive media are changed by what the learner does, and aid in experimenting and practicing, with LMS examples including simulations and virtual spaces. Lastly, productive media allow the learner to produce something, and to articulate knowledge using essays or other products.

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